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What I learned at PCC Summit

Last week I was at PointClickCare's Summit in Las Vegas. There was a lot I uncovered, but I'll touch on a few major items. The senior living and skilled nursing industry are obviously still dealing with major staffing issues. There are also many technologies that can support operators but some don't have the budget, or need help planning. I'll discuss further.

The staffing issue isn't going away, so what I saw the best solution to the issue was to make what staff you do have productive by providing them the best tools possible. Automate work that can be automated, and provide them with machine learning tools that make decisions for them so they don't have work as hard. It's easier said than done because often times in order to put in such integrations large painful integrations go along with it. Only after the up front work do you really reap your return on investment.

Many operators just needed help understanding that systems were out there to assist them. Throwing bodies at work is one way to fix the problem, but putting in place systems that sync your resident work orders, IT tickets, and automate user provision is important. If you can save over 40 hours of time monthly because the computer is doing work for you, you can have staff do something for 40 hours that a computer cannot do. That's invaluable time you are getting back.

I really look forward to seeing what is available in the coming months, as the technology landscape in the senior living and skilled nursing field is ever changing. One thing is for sure however, the operators that have a true 3-5 year plan about what their technology in their communities should look like, both for the employees and for the residents, are the ones who have an advantage.


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